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By Claire Dunne

ISBN-10: 178028831X

ISBN-13: 9781780288314

This is often the 1st fully-illustrated biography of 1 of the best thinkers of the 20 th century, recognized for his pioneering exploration of goals, the subconscious, and spirituality.

Carl Jung is still respected this day as a real innovative who helped to form psychology, supplied a bridge among Western and jap spirituality, and taken into basic understanding such primary techniques as archetypes, the collective subconscious, and synchronicity. during this very important booklet, Claire Dunne chronicles Jung's trip of self-discovery from a formative years full of visions either terrifying and profound, via his early expert luck, to his rediscovery of spirituality in mid-life. specific recognition is paid to the tumultuous relationships among Jung and Sigmund Freud, the radical but important position played by means of his colleague, Toni Wolff, and the revelatory visions Jung skilled following an in depth brush with death.

The phrases of Jung himself and those that shared his paintings and personal existence are shared verbatim, hooked up via Claire Dunne's full of life and obtainable observation and by means of an evocative array of illustrations together with pictures of Jung, his affiliates, and the environments during which he lived and labored, in addition to paintings photographs either old and modern that replicate Jung's teachings. Jung emerges as a healer whose talents arose from having first attended to the injuries in his personal soul.

This is a vital paintings of reference in addition to a desirable and exciting learn for everybody drawn to psychology, spirituality, and private improvement.

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The only manmade beauty in the house was a couple of paintings in a dark room, which delighted the boy. His parents fulfilled community expectations of a pious Protestant minister and his helping wife. Eight of Jung’s maternal uncles and two on his father’s side were parsons, secure in a conventional world of faith, Bible, and good works. To the sensitive and vulnerable Carl it was a suffocating atmosphere. He became accident-prone in resistance to this form of life. Spiritually, too, it produced unintended results, recorded in Memories, Dreams, Reflections: In the cemetery nearby, the sexton would dig a hole – heaps of brown, upturned earth.

I cannot. ” “You possess the word that should not be allowed to remain concealed,” declares his Soul. Philemon, who Jung had felt as “the presence of the good and the beautiful,” now appears in priestly robes and gives “Seven Sermons to the Dead” a kind of Gnostic Creation myth, including humanity’s role in it. From Pleroma, unmanifest, infinite, eternal, in which “there is nothing and everything,” arises differentiated levels of Creation that are permeated with Pleroma. Pairs of opposites, which are balanced and void in Pleroma, appear as separate in created beings, such as good and evil, sameness and difference.

In writing about Jung’s life, I wanted him to tell his own story as much as possible. As well as revealing his personality, his correspondence contains the distilled thinking of his work, the words still charged with his enlivening energy. This, and original material from his autobiographical and collected works, provide entry to his world. Over a long lifetime, and not without difficulty, Jung brought himself into a wholeness of being and he invites this self-realization in others as the essential task of our lives, forged in our own way, leading us to the spiritual underpinnings of our existence.

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