Brownian motion: fluctuations, dynamics, and applications - download pdf or read online

By Robert M. Mazo

ISBN-10: 019955644X

ISBN-13: 9780199556441

Brownian movement - the incessant movement of small debris suspended in a fluid - is a crucial subject in statistical physics and actual chemistry. This publication experiences its foundation in molecular scale fluctuations, its description when it comes to random method idea and likewise by way of statistical mechanics. a couple of new purposes of those descriptions to actual and chemical approaches, in addition to statistical mechanical derivations and the mathematical historical past are mentioned intimately. Graduate scholars, teachers, and researchers in statistical physics and actual chemistry will locate this an engaging and precious reference paintings.

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As all path-integration systems are open integrators, they are intrinsically extremely noisy. While the insect integrates its path, navigational data are collected and processed within a self-centered (egocentric) rather than Earth-centered (geocentric) frame of reference. This process has unfavorable consequences: Errors accumulate as long as the animal moves. Errors can be erased only after the path-integration system has been reset to zero, that is, after the insect has returned to its starting position.

Edible? A potential sexual partner? Such critical distinctions and the behavioral decisions to which they led demanded some type of record of previous encounters with which the data being processed could be compared. Clearly, such a system had to possess sorting and recognition mechanisms and some type of trace repository or memory. The primitive telencephalic structures (archi and paleocortex) that emerged to fill these olfactory needs undoubtedly became the model for other cerebral cortical systems that evolved as the sensory-motor repertoire of vertebrates became richer.

The prospect of solving this problem in a general, all-inclusive way is daunting. A physicist resorting to scientific first principles would have to run a sophisticated series of measurements and computations, take a number of linearly independent optical recordings in at least two pixels of sky, and would then have to use spherical geometry to perform elaborate threedimensional constructions. Can we expect the insect's brain to do this? The answer, coming from a long and arduous series of experiments, is a clear no!

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