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114-116 Reports from the Tokyo-Yokohama area of Japan where USA soldiers were based, revealed many cases of asthmatic bronchitis characterised by cough, wheeze, and breathlessness associated with eosinophilia and positive skin prick tests. This area experienced smog as it was highly industrialised and surrounded by hills. These individuals experienced relief of their symptoms when they moved out to less polluted areas. This entity is known as “TokyoYokohama asthma”. 131 The earlier and the greater the degree of environmental tobacco smoke, the greater the likelihood of asthma developing in children.

Air pollutant levels and hospital admissions in Southern Ontario: The acid summer haze effect. Environ Res 1987;43:317-31. 126. Bates DV, Sits R. The Ontario air pollution study; Identification of the causal agent. Environ Health Perspect 1989;79:69-72. 127. Committe of the Environmental and occupational health Assembly of the American Thoracic Society. Health effects of outdoor air pollution. Am J Respir Crit Care Med 1996;153:3-50. 128. Pande JN, Bhatta N, Biswas D, Pandey RM, Ahluwalia G, Siddaramaiah NH, Khilnani GC.

93. Mings R, Friedman WH, Linford PA, Slavin RG. Five year follow-up of the effects of bilateral intranasal sphino-ethmoidectomy in patients with sinusitis and asthma. Am J Rhinology 1987;79:247. 94. Grossman J. One airway, one disease. Chest 1997;111:11S-16S. 95. Uschel HC, Paulson DL. Gastroesopgeal reflux and hiatus hernia: Complications and therapy. Thorax Cardiovascular Surg1967;53:21-32. 96. Sontag SJ. Gastro-oesophageal reflux and asthma. Am J Med 1997;103(Suppl 1):84S-90S. 97. Harding SM, Sontag SJ.

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