New PDF release: BRITISH WRITERS, Volume 6

By Ian Scott-Kilvert

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When he went to London at the age of twenty-two to pursue his profession of architecture, he worked conscientiously at it but continued to write poetry, though he had no success in getting it published. He was by no means unpractical. His supreme interest, he felt, lay in the composition of poetry, and throughout his earlier and middle creative period he constantly wrote verse to please himself; but he did not turn his back on the necessity of earning a living. He continued his regular work as an architect until he had made sure he could succeed in literature.

Among the minutest where all were minute were the light settlement of gossamer fragments floating in the air, a toad humbly labouring along through the grass near the entrance, the crackle of a dead leaf which a worm was endeavouring to pull into the earth, a waft of air, getting nearer and nearer, and expiring at his feet under the burden of a winged insect. In such passages as that we have the authentic note that is Hardy's. " When he wrote it, Hardy was taking Miss Thackeray's advice— he was entering society, describing a life that he could report but not build up through his own vision.

Lawrence 1936 Edward VIII accedes to the throne in January; abdicates in December 1936-1952 Reign of George VI German troops occupy the Rhineland Ninety-nine percent of German electorate vote for Nazi candidates The Popular Front wins general election in France; Leon Blum becomes prime minister The Popular Front wins general election in Spain Spanish Civil War begins XXXI CHRONOLOGICAL TABLE Italian troops occupy Addis Ababa; Abyssinia annexed by Italy BBC begins television service from Alexandra Palace Auden's Look, Stranger!

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