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By Fraser Simpson

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How nice is your mind? cost your self out with 22 teasers, with 15 elements each one and a time limit-it's the first-ever fun-and-games strategy to fee your intelligence. a few samples you will not locate on any typical IQ try out: 1.If a shameless grape is a BRAZEN RAISIN, what may you name a bit stone within the resistance movement?2.Three comparable phrases were written in a row, with the vowels got rid of. upload the vowels to accomplish the phrases: L P H N T R M D L L N T L P3.What universal English be aware includes the consecutive letter series XOP?Answers: 1. insurgent PEBBLE; 2. Elephant, Armadillo, Antelope; three. Saxophone. nonetheless extra goofiness: rather than the outdated scoring technique (150 = genius; 70 = dunce), you grade your self by means of a chart that rhymes.

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6. A U T H O R 7. 6/2 = 8. PUB 9/3 GAME 29 9. 6Y2 square units. One way to solve this is to divide up the g r i d into triangles. The area of a triangle is half its base times its height. Each of the triangles below has an area of onehalf square units, and there are 13 such triangles, so the total area is 13 x Vi = 6V2 square units. 10. SKI. T h e three words formed are RISKING, S K I F F , and OILSKIN. 11. The three words formed are PLAIN, M U L C H , and MANLY. 12. 993 times. There are 20 fives in the tens and ones places of one hundred numbers (10 in the ones place and 10 in the tens place).

How old is the sixth person? 61 12. Go from FORMER to LATTER in this word maze. The last two letters of one word are the first two letters of the next. Not every word will be used. W h a t is the correct path of words? CYCLIC ICEBOX NEATEN SERAPH DELUDE IDIOCY NEBULA TACKLE ENIGMA lODI'NE ONSIDE TAUNTS EROTIC LATTER* OXYGEN THWART ERRATA LENGTH PHOTON TSETSE ' F O R M E R MADRID PHYSIO 13. ' FORT HERE CORD 1 4 . SHOWER TEST can be rearranged to m a k e the two words SHORT & SWEET. Rearrange these letters to make a different pair of'this & that'words.

Blusher = red one D. ' A. Personal automobile = car mine C. Jokester = pun gent B. Demonstrator = show-er 15. TOUGH & S C U F F STEIN & WHINE PASTE & WAIST 36 Test 6 1. Every letter in this 5 x 5 word square has been replaced by the same number everywhere it appears. Can you reconstruct the square with the help of the definitions? The definitions are not in the order of the words in the grid. 1 2 3 4 5 2 6 7 8 4 8 9 4 9 8 4 10 7 4 2 5 2 5 5 12 Floats, as through the air Pert Greek letter Runs Hawaiian hello Skin blemishes Homeless dog Turning part Parties Warning 2.

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