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Which courses in the supraorbital groove (p. 31, 1') to the supraorbital foramen. , the maxillary v. (15) gives off the caud. auricular v. (14) and the ventral masseteric v. (34). (The occipital v. comes from the int. ) Before the maxillary v. turns deep to the ramus of the mandible it gives rise to the large supf. temporal v. (31), which gives off the short transverse facial v. (30), the rostral auricular v. (18), and the cornual v. (17), and turns rostrally into the orbit to become the dorsal ext.

Absent. II. a) Stifle (Art. genus) Femorotibial joint b) Femoropatellar joint III. Prox. tibiofibular joint. Present in exceptional cases only. Usually the rudimentary fibula is fused with the lateral tibial condyle. IV. Distal tibiofibular joint is a tight joint. Its cavity communicates with the tarsocrural joint. V. a) Tarsal joint (hock) Tarsocrural joint b) Prox. intertarsal joint Distal trochlea of talus, calcaneus, and T IV + T C. c) Dist. : collateral, cruciate, transverse, meniscotibial, meniscofemoral.

The upper and lower tarsal mm. are parts of the smooth muscle system of the orbit, which retracts the eyelids and protrudes the eyeball under sympathetic stimulation. The palpebral conjunctiva (10) is continuous at the fornix (11) with the bulbar conjunctiva (12), which ends at the limbus of the cornea. The third eyelid (8) consists of a fold of conjunctiva in the medial angle, enclosing the T-shaped outer end of the cartilage of the third eyelid. The lacrimal ducts pass from the ventral end of the gland to orifices in the lateral fornix.

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