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By Stanislav Grof

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The "art of demise" and the posthumous trip of the soul were the topic of intensive literature and visualization in lots of cultures. "Dying sooner than dying", or perform in demise, has been sought all through human historical past, not only to beat worry and provides aid for the time being of demise, yet truly to transfigure the standard of existence. Stanislav Grof considers probably the most awesome and significant of the works identified jointly because the "books of the dead": the traditional Egyptian funerary texts; the Tibetan Bardo Thodol; Maya and Aztec myths of loss of life and rebirth. And from medieval Europe come the Christian visions of the soul's trips, the danses macabres and dialogues with demise, and meditational imagery of mortal decay that remembers Tibetan practices.

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Tanka pai nti ng, 1 8th-1 9th absol u te ru ler. The Ti betan 'Wheel paths travelled by souls between centu ry) 38 In t h e C h ristian trad i t i o n of the A rs moriendi the grueso m e a n d repu lsive fate of the body after d eath has often been e m p h asized i n o rd e r to turn peo p l e' s m i n d s f r o m w o r l d l y a n d u lti mately futi le concerns to s p i ritual a n d transcendental rea l ities. The painting shows the flesh whose p leasu res the lovers enj oyed in t h e i r l ifeti mes i n fested with w o r m s, toads, fl ies a n d s c o r p i o n s .

Bro nze mandi;lla, East India, 1 2th cent u ry) A triu mphant scene from the papyrus of Ani depicts the i nstant The mes of the emergence of the sun god after his noctu rnal jou rney t h rough ' the u n derworld. At the same t i me, it represents the rebirth of the deceased person, and the m o ment of i l l u m i nation of the i n it i ate i n the mysteries. Beside the djed, the vertebral co l u m n of Osi ris, kneel his sisters Isis and Nephthys, worsh ipping the solar d i sc su pported by the ankh, symbol of eternal life.

The spi ritual aspect of t h e t o m b . Ab w a s the conscience each person was believed to or 'heart', which faced the consist of several main j u dgment. Akh was the transfigu red components. Of these, the ka was spirit. Ba was the power of ani mation the vital force that leaves the body after death : here Osi ris's ba i s shown at the time of death and travels hovering over his m u m my at h i s e m b a'l m ment. (Relief, 2 3 rd Dynasty) west to meet its heavenly double i n 51 Water p l ays an i m po rtant role i n death-rebi rth m yt h o l ogy.

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