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By Diane Preston, Mick Fryer, George Watson

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ISBN-13: 9781848734180

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Confucian/dynamism This refers to the extent to which long­ termism or short-termism appears to be the dominant approach. Long-termism stresses perseverance and being sparing with resources. Short-termism, in Hofstede’s analysis, involves a greater emphasis on quick results. Hofstede found that the USA tended towards short-termism, while the Netherlands was the most long­ termist European nation, ranked tenth out of 23 countries surveyed. These differences between national cultures are based in deep-rooted values and so are largely implicit rather than openly acknowledged.

152–3) By pulling these arguments together, we can identify four advantages for a business of having a clear and public structure. 1 2 3 4 Enabling participation. The structure of any business will determine how all the relevant sections and parties join in its activities and influence its decisions. In other words, the structure underpins how power and accountability, internal and external, operate within the business. Indeed, the more complex the stakeholder pattern, and the more contested the control over the business’s purposes, the more complex the structures.

List any examples you can think of and make some notes on how it looked or felt different, and why. Feedback The examples we thought of were the small, low-cost airlines which began to undercut the prices and operations of the large national airlines in the 1990s. They changed the whole way in which people think about international travel and make travel arrangements. Another example is John Lewis, the UK retail group, which calls all its employees ‘partners’; all its employees have shares in the business.

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Book 1 What is a business? by Diane Preston, Mick Fryer, George Watson

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