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Textbook of Veterinary Histology. ) The body cavities The body is divided into separate areas referred to as the body cavities (Fig. 17). They are described as ‘potential’ spaces because, although they are completely filled with the visceral organs and fluid, there is only a very small amount of free space. All the body cavities are lined with a serous membrane or endothelium, which is a single continuous layer of epithelium that produces a watery or serous lubricating fluid. This is different from the thicker, more proteinaceous secretion mucus, which has a protective function.

It articulates proximally with the scapula at the shoulder joint, and distally with the radius and ulna at the elbow joint. The proximal end of the humerus consists of a large rounded projection, the head. Cranial and lateral to the head there is a large prominence, called the greater tubercle. Another prominence, the lesser tubercle, lies medial to the head. Both of these are sites for attachment of the muscles that support the shoulder joint. Distal to the head is the neck, attached to the slightly twisted shaft of the bone.

The thoracic cavity is divided into two pleural cavities by a continuation of the parietal pleura. Each cavity contains one of the lungs and serous pleural fluid. The lungs themselves are covered 25 Section 1 The dog and cat 26 Pelvic cavity Diaphragm Fig. 17 Longitudinal section through the body to show the three body cavities. 1 summary of the boundaries of the body cavities Anatomical boundary Thoracic cavity Abdominal cavity Pelvic cavity Cranial thoracic inlet Diaphragm Pelvic inlet (continuous with abdominal cavity) Caudal Diaphragm Pelvic inlet (abdominal and pelvic cavities are not separated by a physical barrier) Pelvic outlet Dorsal thoracic vertebrae and hypaxial muscles Lumbar vertebrae and hypaxial muscles ssacrum acrum Ventral sternum Muscles of ventral abdominal wall Floor of pelvis Lateral Ribs and intercostal muscles Muscles of lateral abdominal wall Lateral wall of pelvis in visceral pleura, called the pulmonary pleura.

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