Mark R. Marten, Tai Hyun Park, and Teruyuki Nagamune (Eds.)'s Biological Systems Engineering PDF

By Mark R. Marten, Tai Hyun Park, and Teruyuki Nagamune (Eds.)

ISBN-10: 0841219311

ISBN-13: 9780841219311

ISBN-10: 0841237964

ISBN-13: 9780841237964

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Wild type S. cerevisiae is known to lack the metabolic pathway to convert xylose to xylulose via xylitol. A metabolically engineered S. cerevisiae strain containing the xylose reducing gene from P stipitis was analyzed in order to produce xylitol from xylose. A twosubstrate fermentation process has been adopted: glucose is used as an energy source for cell growth and co-factor regeneration and xylose as a substrate for conversion to xylitol. This paper summarizes research efforts on xylitol production which have been performed in my laboratory, to compare the fermentation characteristics of wild type C.

66, 69-85 (1999). , W. Wiechert, D . Kownatzki and A . A . de Graaf, Bidirectional Reaction Steps in Metabolic Networks: IV. Optimal Design of Isotopomer Labeling Experiments, Biotechnol. , 60, 86-103 (1999). ,1,282-290(1999). Nielsen, Metabolic network analysis of P. chrisogenum using C-labeled glucose, Biotechnol. , 68, 652-659 (2000). Biosci. , 93,78-87 (2002). [46]Seressiotis, A . E. ; ACS Symposium Series; American Chemical Society: Washington, DC, 2002. ch002 26 System for the Analysis and Synthesis of Metabolic Pathways, Biotechnol.

In this article the flux distribution at the key branch point of 2-oxoglutarate is focused on. By using the strains of AJ13678 and AJ13679 and biotin depletion condition, respectively, effects of the amplification and attenuation of enzyme activities on the glutamate flux were analyzed. ; ACS Symposium Series; American Chemical Society: Washington, DC, 2002. 49 the amplification factors based on the flux distribution analysis was summarized in Table IV. Table HI. 11 7 a: fluxes of wild type strain AJ1511 were estimated before biotin depletion.

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