Biochemistry of the Elemental Halogens and Inorganic Halides by Kenneth L. Kirk PDF

By Kenneth L. Kirk

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The components in crew 17 (VIlA) of the periodic desk of elements-fluorine (F), chlorine (CI), bromine (Br), and iodine (I)-were distinctive by way of Berzelius as "halogens" (Greek hals, sea salt; gennao, I beget) due to their propensity to shape salts. during this first of the 2 volumes of Bio­ chemistry of the Halogens, the biochemistry of the basic halogens and inorganic halides is reviewed. Discovery, homes, and biochemistry of the fundamental halogens are reviewed first (Chapter 1). this is often by way of a assessment of the advancements within the quite a few components of inorganic halide biochemistry (Chapters 2 via 5). The biochemistry of thyroid hor­ mones is taken into account in bankruptcy 6, whereas biohalogenation, an enormous hyperlink among inorganic and natural halogen biochemistry, is reviewed in bankruptcy 7. bankruptcy eight covers the biochemistry of goods produced through human-inspired halogenation, specifically, poly halogenated compounds that current environmental difficulties. In bankruptcy nine, the method is reversed and biodehalogenation is reviewed. In each one topic, the try has been made to discover a suitable stability among intensity and breadth of remedy, considering the fact that an intensive, in­ intensity evaluation of this box wouldn't be attainable in one quantity. to supply readers now not acquainted with matters with the mandatory history to put next discussions in viewpoint, short ancient boost­ ments of the various subject matters are given.

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