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There will be few parts with a biochemistry as coherent as that of sulfur. this crucial aspect is essential to myriad features of metabo­ lism, catalysis, and constitution. The plurality of capabilities within which sulfur is concerned derives squarely from the various oxidation states during which it can exist, a few having nice balance, a few being in a position to prepared redox interconversions, and but others having nice instability. accordingly, the flux of sulfur from the geosphere during the numerous kingdoms of lifestyles leaves few biochemical strategies unaffected. even supposing there are huge gaps within the cloth of our uncomplicated wisdom of sulfur biochemistry, it's sufficiently framed to permit a unified and arranged tale, a narrative which some of the best-known names in bio­ chemistry have helped to write down. it's been either a role and a privilege to aim and summarize this tale, person who is gigantic, advanced, speedy­ relocating, nonetheless constructing and, exceptionally, interesting. i assume that no mo­ nographer of any such giant topic should be happy together with his efforts. it's regrettably possible that during trying this job i've got made as many blunders as a Stilton cheese has blue streaks, and as many omissions as a Swiss cheese has holes. Perfection isn't really to be completed in a monograph. Inasmuch as i've got succeeded, the credits belongs to these whose efforts gave us the data we've. the place i've got failed, the fault is simply mine.

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Chlorella mutants unable to reduce sulfate lack the first enzyme, but contain the second (Tsang and Schiff, 1976a; Brunold and Schiff, 1976; Abrams and Schiff, 1973). Both Euglena and Chlorella extracts form Cys from S-sulfoglutathione or APS in the presence of 0-acetylserine (the sulfide acceptor) (Brunold and Schiff, 32 Chapter 2 1976; Schmidt, 1973). , 1974). It is not known what the sulfonate carrier in chloroplasts is (Schwenn and Urlaub, 1981). It is not thioredoxin. The MW of the carrier has been variously reported to be 4000-6000 (Schmidt and Schwenn, 1972) and approximately 1200 (Tsang and Schiff, 1976a).

The next step is reduction of APS to sulfite by APS reductase (Millet, 1955). The enzyme reaction is reversible, and the enzyme is also found in organisms such as the thiobacilli which oxidize elemental sulfur to sulfate, and in aerobic photosynthetic bacteria which oxidize sulfide to sulfate (Peck, 1968). The enzyme from Desulfovibrio vulgaris is a flavoprotein containing twelve iron-sulfur clusters per molecule. The nonheme iron accepts electrons from a donor. In the course of reduction, the sulfur is bound as a sulfite adduct to the flavin (Peck and Le Gall, 1982).

Regulation occurs at the next step, production of Cysta by the ysynthase. 01 mM (Kerr and Flavin, 1969). The enzyme is unaffected by Met, but is allosterically activated by 5-methyl THF polyglutamate. , 1971). Even the monoglutamyl derivative, however, has some activity. In the absence of N 5-methylfolate derivatives, cystathionine y-synthase is completely inactive. In other words, the enzyme is allosterically activated by some methylating agents, the methylfolates, and inhibited by another, AdoMet.

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