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By K Marieke Paarlberg, Harry B.M. van de Wiel

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This e-book will help the reader by means of offering separately adapted, top quality bio-psycho-social care to sufferers with quite a lot of difficulties in the fields of obstetrics, gynaecology, fertility, oncology, and sexology. each one bankruptcy addresses a selected topic, factor, or state of affairs in a problem-oriented and case-based demeanour that emphasizes the diversities among regimen and bio-psycho-social care. appropriate proof and figures are offered, suggestion is supplied in regards to the scientific, mental, and being concerned strategy, and contextual points are mentioned. The ebook deals sensible guidance and activities in the bio-psycho-social method, and highlights vital do’s and don’ts. to prevent a strict somatic pondering trend, the significance of conversation, multidisciplinary collaboration, and production of a operating alliance with the sufferer is emphasised. The e-book follows a constant layout, designed to fulfill the desires of challenged clinicians.

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It is well known that help-­ seeking patients try to formulate their questions in such a way that they think the care system will understand and for which the system is able to offer remedies [35]. Concentration on pain can be a manner for an anxious woman to win approval for her apprehension and helplessness, as pain is a topic that is often discussed before and during labor. For both the woman with CA and her caregiver, pain is a rewarding topic. The woman can formulate a clear question about a topic that fits the frame of reference of the caregiver, not the least being that obstetrics in Western countries nowadays can offer advanced pain relief, and thus the staff can feel reassured that the woman’s request has been adequately met.

7 %. 4 W  hen Does a Woman Suffer from PTSD Following Childbirth? , flashbacks) –– Psychological distress after exposure to traumatic reminders –– Physiological reactivity after exposure to traumatic reminders • Avoidance (1 required) –– Effortful avoidance of trauma-related thoughts, feelings, people, places, conversations, etc. • Negative cognitions and mood (2 required) –– (Dissociative) amnesia about the traumatic event –– Negative beliefs and expectations about oneself –– Blame of others or self about causing the traumatic event and its consequences –– Negative trauma-related emotions –– Diminished interest in previously significant activities 2 A Woman Afraid of Becoming Pregnant Again: PTSD Following Childbirth 37 –– Detachment or estrangement from others –– Inability to experience positive emotions • Alterations in arousal and reactivity (2 required) –– Irritable or aggressive behavior –– Self-destructive or reckless behavior –– Hypervigilance –– Exaggerated startle response –– Problems in concentration –– Sleep disturbance Furthermore, the symptoms should cause distress and/or impairment and be present for at least 1 month.

1989;27(1):1–7.  Risk factors in pregnancy for post-traumatic stress and depression after childbirth. BJOG. 2009;116(5):672–80. 1 A Woman Afraid to Deliver: How to Manage Childbirth Anxiety 29 31.  Development of the Delivery Fear Scale. J Psychosom Obstet Gynecol. 2002;23(2):97–107.  Nulliparous pregnant women’s narratives of imminent childbirth before and after internet-based cognitive behavioural therapy for severe fear of childbirth: a qualitative study. BJOG. 2015;122(9): 1259–65.  The longitudinal course of post-traumatic stress after childbirth.

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