Basic Science in Obstetrics and Gynaecology - download pdf or read online

By Phillip Bennett BSc PhD MD FRCOG, Catherine Williamson BSc MD FRCP

ISBN-10: 0443102813

ISBN-13: 9780443102813

A textbook overlaying the elemental sciences proper to obstetrics and gynaecology at a degree appropriate for medical professionals specialising within the box . The chapters fit the syllabus of the professional united kingdom examination – the MRCOG half 1

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1). The acrosomal cap is itself developed from vacuoles in the Golgi apparatus that fuse to form the acrosomal vesicle, which spreads out over the nucleus. The very important function of the acrosomal contents in penetrating the ovum is considered under Fertilization. 1 • Diagram of a mature spermatozoon showing its principal features. material. Meanwhile the centriole divides into two, from which the axial filament or flagellum develops. Most of the mitochondria form a sheath for the proximal part of the middle piece of the spermatozoon, whereas the tail piece develops a thin fibrous sheath.

Each of the 23 chromosomes consists of two chromatids. At fertilization the pairs of chromatids separate, with 23 being retained in the oocyte and 23 being expelled in the second polar body. With the entry of the sperm containing its complement of 23 chromosomes, diploidy is restored. 26 Spermatogenesis By comparison with the mature ovum, the mature spermatozoon is very small, the head piece measuring only 4–5 mm in length. Maturation of an ovum is a prolonged process starting in fetal life and involving two substantial resting phases before producing the definitive cell in the adult female.

The mass is partially divided by a waist and takes on the shape of a cottage loaf. In the centre of each half of this inner cell mass a fluid cavity forms; that in the upper half is called the amniotic vesicle, later becoming the amniotic sac, and that in the lower half is called the endocervical vesicle, later becoming the yolk sac. Only two layers of cells lie between the two fluid cavities of the amniotic sac and yolk sac. The layer of 29 Oogenesis, spermatogenesis and organogenesis cells adjacent to the amniotic sac consists of tall columnar cells that form the embryonic ectoderm.

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