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By Ignacio Bello

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Easy university arithmetic should be a evaluation of primary math recommendations for a few scholars and will holiday new flooring for others. however, scholars of all backgrounds could be extremely joyful to discover a clean publication that appeals to all studying types and reaches out to assorted demographics. via down-to-earth reasons, sufferer skill-building, and enormously fascinating and real looking purposes, this worktext will empower scholars to profit and grasp arithmetic within the genuine global.

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0ϩ1ϭ1 Step 3. 410,000 ︸ Change to zeros Thus, 405,648 rounded to the nearest ten thousand is 410,000. Rounding whole numbers This year, the best-selling car in America is the Toyota Camry. Use the chart to round the specified prices. Suppose you have a $22,000 budget. PROBLEM 7 a. Round the True Market Value (TMV) Base Price to the nearest hundred. b. Round the TMV price of the GJ package #3 to the nearest hundred. c. Round the TMV price of the BE package to the nearest hundred. a. the GU package.

You should be able to: Find the place value of a digit in a numeral. (p. 3) AV Determine if a given number is less than or greater than another number. BV Round whole numbers to the specified place value. CV Solve applications involving the concepts studied. indd 13 V Getting Started How long is a large paper clip? To the nearest inch, it is 2 inches. 12/11/07 9:59:18 AM 14 Chapter 1 1-14 Whole Numbers A V Ordering Numbers We know that 2 is greater than one because the 2 on the ruler is to the right of the one.

Write the numeral 173,880 in words. 72. Germs on your phone The average phone has 25,127 germs per square inch. Write the numeral 25,127 in words. Source: Microbiologist Charles Gerba. 73. School attendance On an average day in America, 13,537,000 students attend secondary school. Write the numeral 13,537,000 in words. 74. Rainfall on an acre A rainfall of 1 inch on an acre of ground will produce six million, two hundred seventy-two thousand, six hundred forty cubic inches of water. Write this number in standard form.

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