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The spacecraft’s observations noted that Comet Hyakutake has the longest comet tail found yet and proved that a comet tail is made of gas and dust. COMET HALE-BOPP Comet Hale-Bopp was discovered separately by two different people on July 23, 1995. As a result, the comet was called HaleBopp, after Alan Hale of New Mexico and Thomas Bopp of Arizona. It is the most distant comet discovered by amateur astronomers. Since its discovery, Hale-Bopp has moved closer to Earth and in early 1997 was expected to make a spectacular appearance.

In 164 BCE, it is possible that the Babylonians caught a glimpse of the comet that is now called Halley’s Comet. The earliest Chinese mention of a comet comes from 1059 BCE, when a comet was witnessed during a war between King Wu-Wang and King Chou. There are records of regular comet sightings from that date on. For example, the comet that was seen in 467 BCE was actually the same meteorite that Pliny the Elder recorded as falling in Greece. Throughout the centuries, Chinese astronomers made several notes of the regular reappearances of Halley’s Comet.

She specialized in finding comets and discovered several. The first of Herschel’s comet discoveries was on August 1, 1786. This comet is known now as Comet C/1786 P1 (Herschel). The second of Caroline Herschel’s comet discoveries was made on December 21, 1788. She shared this discovery with French astronomer Roger Rigolett, so the comet is now called Comet 35P/ 41 asteroids, meteors, and comets Herschel-Rigollet. The third and fourth comet discoveries came in 1790. There was Comet C/1790 A1 (Herschel) on January 7, and Comet C/1790 H1 (Herschel) on April 18.

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