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It is, in fact, a fundamental tool of modern computer science. OR IS IT REALLY A CALENDAR? where is another way of interpreting the Ishango bone. Remember that the Ishango were hunters and gatherers who lived by the lakeside. There were very definite times of the year when rains would make the lakeside village uninhabitable, and there were other times when it became more profitable to fish than to hunt. In both cases, and in many others we can imagine, it may have been necessary for the Ishango to distinguish the seasons of the year.

The profession of the scribe is the greatest of all professions; it has no equal upon the earth. Even when the scribe is a beginner in his career his opinion is consulted. He is sent on missions of state and does not come back to place himself under the direction of another. Then Tuauf proceeds to beat us over the head with his opinion of other professions: THE ENTRANCE INTO ALL OBSCURE The coppersmith has to work in front of his blazing furnace, his fingers are like the crocodile's legs, and he stinks more than the insides of fish .

Ahmes' idea, used in Japan In A T')(,I g-rp Clinpcp rh-l magician Liu Hui used polygons of 3072 sides and calculated pi to the fifth decimal place. By the fifth century Tsu Ch'ung-Chih and his son calculated pi to the tenth decimal place. D. 1300, using a monstrous circle a full 10 feet in diameter, and polygons of 16,384 sides. To hint at the achievement, Figure 24 contains a polygon of only 40 sides. No circle is actually drawn. It is only an optical illusion created by the fact that the 40 sides of the polygon are sitting so closely to the circumference of a circle.

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