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We know that life exists on Earth, but what about elsewhere in the universe? Most astronomers believe in extraterrestrial life—we just haven’t found it yet. All Earth’s living things are made out of chemical elements found throughout the universe, so it would be extraordinary if some form of life hadn’t developed elsewhere. WHAT’S IN A NAME? Recipe for life Many scientists think that extraterrestrial life will be similar in origin to Earth’s. Here, life started in biochemical reactions in water at around 68°F (20°C).

These barren wastes of bare rock are only slowly colonized by plant life, though many sea birds nest on the lava fields. 03: Green islands While the young islands of the Western Galápagos are still volcanically active, the volcanoes on older eastern islands such as San Cristóbal and Española are extinct. There, volcanic rock has formed fertile soils that support lush vegetation, which, in turn, provides food for rare creatures such as giant tortoises. 04: Breeding sea birds The Galápagos make ideal nesting sites for ocean birds.

E? m t u o b a t a Wh ed eye with the nak le Comets visib nd four e rate of arou th t a r a e p see p a ularly easy to ic rt a P . e d a c per de and opp in 1997 were Hale-B 2007. McNaught in 240 BCE The earliest-recognized appearance of the comet in Chinese astronomical diaries 1066 The comet hovers over the Battle of Hastings and is depicted in the Bayeux Tapestry 1301 The comet’s appearance this year is used as a model for Giotto di Bondone’s depiction of the Star of Bethlehem in his Nativity fresco in the Arena Chapel, Padua, Italy 1910 author Mark Twain didn’t manage it.

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