Art, argument, and advocacy: mastering parliamentary debate - download pdf or read online

By John, Kate Meany Shuster

ISBN-10: 0970213077

ISBN-13: 9780970213075

The textual content is designed to supply a beginning for powerful participation in educational parliamentary debate festival. It explores modern parliamentary debate codecs, examines argument anticipation, building and extension, case improvement, severe refutation of given assumptions and information, and persuasive conversing. The textual content comprises pattern arguments, debate strategies, and perform workouts.

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This does not mean that all proposition teams are therefore expected to offer a specific plan for 31 AAA2b 6/12/02 12:04 AM Page 32 ART, ARGUMENT AND ADVOCACY action. Proposition teams must offer specific examples of the problem identified in the motion, but may refrain from offering a plan per se. In addition to resolutions of fact, value and policy, resolutions are understood as open or closed. A closed motion is sometimes called a straight resolution. An open motion is also known as a linkable resolution.

Opposition interpretation of the motion undermines this fundamental principle of equitable debating. Further, opposition interpretation of the motion is a way for the opposition team to duck the topic for debating. This is never a good way for either side to approach the debate. Just as the proposition team should not attempt to duck the subject matter of the motion, so too should the opposition team endeavor to confront the proposition team’s case head-on. One other problem with topicality arguments is the manner in which they seem to be at odds with lived experience about textual interpretation.

This House prefers the local to the global A policy resolution calls for an action to be taken. • The United Nations should prosecute international terrorists. • The federal government of the USA should increase regulation of industries in its borders to substantially reduce their production and/or emission of environmental pollutants. Although the topic’s language might tip participants off as to the type of motion proposed for debate, the act of correctly categorizing the motion as a fact, value, or policy motion has little to do with the debate’s actual argumentation.

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