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By Christopher L. B. Lavelle

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Leipzig: Georg Thieme 4. s. E. (1971) Handbook of Physiology, Chemical Senses II. Berlin: Springer 5. I. (1972) Disorders of taste and smell. JAMA, 220, 870-871 6. A. and SWEENEY, E. (1973) The effects of surgical desalivation of the rat upon taste acuity. Arch. Oral Biol, 18, 941-951 7 . HENKIN, R . I . , TALAL, N . , LARSON, A. a n d MATTERN, C F . T . (1972) Abnormalities of taste and smell in Sjögren's syndrome. Ann. Int. , 76, 375-383 8. I. (1967) Symposium on Oral Sensation and Perception.

11 For instance, in glossopharyngeal breathing, the tongue, palate and upper pharynx move normally, whereas the inferior constrictor closes the lower pharynx, while the larynx opens to admit the bolus of air. The oesophageal phase The final stage of deglutition, the oesophageal phase, begins 600-900 ms after initiation of the pharyngeal phase, and as the food passes the pharyngo-oesophageal sphincter. 18 The peristaltic contractions begin in the cervical level of the oesophagus and take on average 8 s to reach the oesophagogastric junction.

Indeed, over two million North Americans probably have taste problems, although the subjective nature of taste prohibits the collection of accurate data. This is partly the result of the variety of terms that are used to describe taste anomalies: 1. Hypogeusia (ageusia)-reduced or total lack of taste. 2. Dysgeusia (cacogeusia)-unpleasant or bad tastes. Taste Taste may be defined as the detection and recognition of liquid phase stimuli. Taste (or gustation) is a sensation that is developed well before birth.

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