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It is now necessary to find room for at least five new antigens in this system. Two of these, Hunter (Hu) and Henshaw (He) are more common in negroes than in white people and seem to be associated closely with N, and in the case of He, with S as well. The other two, Mia and Vw, are closely associated with each other as well as with MN and Ss. Of the latest, Vr, little is yet known. This system is of very minor interest clinically, but it does illustrate how confused blood group notation may 50 HUMAN BLOOD GROUPS become.

If cross-overs occur among the three common complexes where the dotted Une is placed then the four combinations of the second order of frequency would arise. D C e d c e D D C e D D D c gives C + c E E e D c Ë d c e gives e +C e gives d e D d c + c e E 38 HUMAN BLOOD GROUPS Occasional cross-overs, therefore, occurring in the common complexes would furnish those that are less common and, as in each of the three cross-overs postulated, Dee (or cDe) results, one might suppose that it would occur about three times as commonly in the population as the other complexes of the second order of frequency.

And as for time, there can be very few emergencies in which there is insufficient time, say half an hour, for the determination of blood group and crossmatch ; and most of these could be met by an initial infusion of some cell-free fluid such as plasma or dextran, while the blood-group work was being undertaken. The administration of blood of correct ABO and Rh group should be invariable in all cases requiring transfusion. CHAPTER IX P AND LEWIS THE two remaining blood-group systems have been left till last because an appreciation of their properties depends on a knowledge of the ABO groups.

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