Aleister Crowley & the Hidden God by Kenneth Grant PDF

By Kenneth Grant

ISBN-10: 1871438365

ISBN-13: 9781871438369

During this examine of Aleister Crowley's process of sexual magic, Kenneth furnish unearths the occult workings of the hearth Snake or Kundalini-Goddess the cosmic energy that once woke up by way of magical ability assumes the shape that Crowley referred to as the Scarlet lady. furnish additionally describes a mode of dream keep watch over that Crowley and others used to determine touch with extraterrestrial and non-human beings and to arrange themselves for the belief of actual cosmic awareness.

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In the Cult of Thelema the conflict is finally reconciled by the exaltation of the Child, or combined essences of both cults, but Horus the child is the child of the Mother alone, and the masculine component (bindu) that engendered him, though present, is unknown. " The Roman conception of the Virgin Mother was a misunderstanding of this symbolism. Hence Crowley's definition of the Thelemic Trinity as comprising the Beast, the Whore and the Bastard. 7 There is thus no place, in Thelema, for asceticism of the kind practised by the Christians, whose priests deny the very sacrament to which they themselves owe their existence!

Magick is the means of incarnating a WillChild (Thelema). Man is the mind; woman is the body. Their polarization in sexual congress generates a creative ecstasy which serves as the matrix from which the Child emerges. The passionate union of opposites is the formula of the Aeon of Horus, the Aeon of the Child, "Crowned and Conquering", because it incarnates the Word of its sire; in this sense it is Ra-Hoor-Khuitthe universe re-created in accordance with the Will; the outcome of magick. Man is the Word; Woman is the Act; the Child is the Word made flesh by the Act.

To be the "baptism of blood" traditionally associated with the birth of a new aeon: There is a Magical Operation of maximum importance: the Initiation of a New Aeon. When it becomes necessary to utter a Word, the whole Planet must be bathed in blood. Before man is ready to accept the Law of Thelema, the Great War must be fought. " Although blood was the chief vehicle of magical energy in the Aeon of Osiris, which was characterized by bloodsacrifice and by the "dying god"; in the current aeon---the Aeon of Horusthe menstruum is semen.

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