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77. ThusbSuk55bjuxtaposesthe traditionwith a statement of R. Yohanan:"Alasfor the nationsof the world,who hada loss andknownotwhattheylost. "And see Rashiad loc. " AN ESCHATOLOGICALDRAMA 35 sacrificeson behalfof the nations,"thereforethey oughtto love us. " The redactorwas evidentlyso astonishedat R. Israelacts virtuouslydespite the ingratitudeof the nations,andconfidentlyawaitshervindicationin court. The bitter,ungratefulnationsaccuseall Israelof not observing the Torah, while those called as witnesses, such as Potiphar'swife and Laban,falsely accused individualIsraelitesof sin.

PRK452; see the notes there. 81. Bet Ha-Midrash,ed. A. Jellinekcalls thetext "Neue Pesikta,"apparentlya laterreworkingof the Pesiqtamaterials. 82. See Qalir's siluq, Ki 'eqqah mo'ed, in Mahzor le-Sukkot,edited by Daniel Goldschmidt; compiled by Jonah Frankel(Jerusalem,1980), pp. 126-135. Forreferencesin other piyyutim,see the aforementioned Mahzor,p. 22 1. 19, p. 25 1. 16, p. 14-15, p. , p. 17 ff. 83. See Abrahamben Nathanof Lunel, Sefer Ha-Manhig,ed. Y. 46; Simhahben Samuel,MahzorVitry,ed. S. Hurwitz (Berlin:H.

God has good reasonto laughat theirfolly. Saul Lieberman,"Persecutionof the JewishReligion," Salo WittmayerBaron Jubilee Volume(Jerusalem and New York:American Academy for Jewish Research,1974), pp. Rabbi Shlomo Goren, "Ha-'Universaliutve-ha-yihudha-ruhanishe-be-hag ha-sukkot,"Mahanayim50 (1961): 8, writingon a somewhatdifferenttopic,comments:"The Do all the explanationof the Talmud,'since it is an inexpensivenmisva,'is incomprehensible. of Sukkot?... " commandments which cost less thanthe commandment AN ESCHATOLOGICAL DRAMA 27 "straightaway"sthat introducethe nations' last acts of "going"to build the sukka and then "departing"(III, A', B') echo the two "straightaway"s that introducedtheir confused "coming"and reorganized"entrance"(I, A', B').

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