Advances in lipid research. . V. 21 by Rodolfo Paoletti; David Kritchevsky PDF

By Rodolfo Paoletti; David Kritchevsky

ISBN-10: 0120249219

ISBN-13: 9780120249213

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1. y 1971; Mayes and Topping, 1974). Circulating free fatty acids, mostly complexed to albumin, are derived from lipolysis of adipose tissue triglycéride, from intravascular lipolysis of triglyceride-rich lipoproteins, and from direct absorption of Cj2 or shorter chain fatty acids. Other major lipid components of VLDL (phospholipids, cholesterol, cholesteryl esters) are synthesized de novo or are from preexisting pools. ). These factors have been reviewed (Getz and Hay, 1979). The mechanisms by which these factors affect VLDL synthesis and secretion are not fully known.

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Advances in lipid research. . V. 21 by Rodolfo Paoletti; David Kritchevsky

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