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By Ilya Prigogine, Stuart A. Rice

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The Advances in Chemical Physics sequence offers the chemical physics box with a discussion board for severe, authoritative reviews of advances in each zone of the self-discipline. quantity 121 includes the newest examine on polymer melts at strong surfaces, infrared lineshapes of vulnerable hydrogen bonds, ab initio quantum molecular dynamics, and lots of different topics.

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Phe-a mutant RCs at 50, 100, 150, 200, 250, and 295 K are available as listed in Table III. We apply Eqs. 52) and the obtained values Á0 ¼ 223:7 cmÀ1 , b0 ¼ 616:7 cmÀ1 , and x ¼ 4:67 Â 10À4 K ", b13 , b24 , and b34 in Eq. 41) still need to be to Eq. 41). The values of a " should be the middle value of the 0–0 transitions of the Pþ and determined. a " value as 11,625 cmÀ1 . Moreover, we set a3 and a4 PÀ bands, thus we set the a À1 values as 12,403 cm and 12,500 cmÀ1 . The values of b13 , b24 , and b34 can be adopted from the literature, and they are given by 20 cmÀ1, 30 cmÀ1 , and 10 cmÀ1 , respectively.

41) yields ~  U þ HU ¼ H ~0 þ V ~ H 0 "þ a 0 0 B 0 "À 0 a ~0 ¼ B H B @ 0 0 a3 0 and 0 0 B 0 ~ ¼B V B @ b23 sin y b14 cos y 0 0 0 0 0 1 C C C A ð2:47Þ ð2:48aÞ a4 1 0 b23 sin y b14 cos y 0 b23 cos y Àb14 sin y C C C A b23 cos y 0 b34 Àb14 sin y b34 0 ð2:48bÞ 18 s. h. lin et al. The dimer basis set can be expressed as jPþ i ¼ cos yjw1 i þ sin yjw2 i jPÀ i ¼ sin yjw1 i À cos yjw2 i ð2:49aÞ ð2:49bÞ jB3 i ¼ jw3 i ð2:49cÞ and jB4 i ¼ jw4 i ð2:49dÞ In this case, the intensity ratio of the excitonic transitions becomes j~ mPþ g j2 2 j~ mPÀ g j ¼ 1 þ 2 cos ysin y cos yB1 B2 1 À 2 cos ysin y cos yB1 B2 ð2:50Þ Note that in the dimer model the absorption intensity depends on Á and b.

Using Eq. f ¼ Pi  Èf Âf  0 À" h  dðEf  0 À Ei Þ ð3:72Þ  h  0 " qQ‘ qQ‘   ‘ Using the Condon approximation, Eq. f  X X ( 2p 2 ¼ 2 jR‘ ðfiÞj Pi  Âf  0 h " 0    )  qÂi 2    qQ  dðEf  0 À Ei Þ ‘ ð3:73Þ ultrafast dynamics and spectroscopy 37 where R‘ ð fiÞ ¼ À" h2 hÈf j q jÈi i qQ‘ ð3:74Þ Here for simplicity we assume that there is only one promoting mode Q‘ . f 2 Y X X   2p q 2 0  ¼ 2 jR‘ ð fiÞj Pi hwf  0 j jwi‘ i jhwf  0j jwij ij2 dðEf  0 À Ei Þ ‘ qQ h " ‘ 0  j  ð3:75Þ where jhwf 0j jwij ij2 denotes the Franck–Condon factor of the accepting mode Qj .

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