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By Mary Anne Atwood

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Mary Anne wrote A Suggestive Inquiry into the airtight secret. . . at her father’s request, and in parallel together with his personal composition of a long poem at the similar topic. Thomas South (her father) paid for the publication to be released anonymously in 1850, yet with no need learn it, trusting his daughter’s judgement. interpreting it after ebook, he believed Mary Anne had printed many airtight secrets and techniques that have been larger left unpublished, and for that reason received up the rest inventory and, along with his daughter, burnt them, besides the incomplete manuscript of his poem. just a couple of copies of the ebook survived. Ms Atwood released not anything after A Suggestive Inquiry. . . .

Walter Leslie Wilmshurst, in his 1918 advent to the reissue, laments that the strategies of her later years didn't locate fruition in one other paintings. He claims, notwithstanding, that there's a lot to be present in her papers, of which he used to be then in possession.

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This is the strong fortitude of all fortitudes, overcoming every subtle and penetrating every solid thing. So the world was created. Hence were all wonderful adaptations of which this is the manner. Therefore I am I called Thrice Great Hermes, having the Three Parts of the philosophy of the whole world. That which I have written is consummated concerning the operation of the Sun". This Emerald Table, unique and authentic as it may be regarded, is all that remains to us from Egypt of her Sacred Art.

For what hereof they wrote clear with their pen, Their clouded clauses dulled; from manie men Fro laymen, fro clerks, and soe fro every man They hid this art that noe man find it can. By their bokes thei do shew reasons faire, Whereby much people are brought to despaire: Yet Anaxagoras wrote plainest of them all In his boke of Conversions Naturall; Of the old Fathers that ever I founde, He most discloses of this science the grounde; Whereof Aristotle had great envy, And him rebuked unrightlfully, In manie places, as I can well report, Intending that men should not to him resort, For he was large of his cunnying and love, God have his soul in bliss above; And such as sowed envious seede God forgive them for their mis-deede" (21).

The Papists, on the other hand, equally oblivious, evinced only to what a length of human credulity and ignorance may be carried, by placing inherent holiness in those material signs, apart from the spirit and only thing signified; adding, moreover, to the original ordinations many follies of their own, they fell into a very slavish and stupid kind of idolatry. And since one of the most fertile sources of dissension that have arisen in the Christian Church has been about these very shadows and types of doctrines, it is to be hoped that, if ever again they should come to be generally reintroduced, it will not be on the ground of ecclesiastical persuasion, or any mere written authority, which, however high and well supported, has never yet been found sufficient to produce unanimity; but from a true understanding and cooperation of that original virtue, apart from which they do but mimic an efficacy, and gather unwholesome fruits.

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