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T h ere is no good evidence that he visited Egypt, but he travelled over Greece and went to Sicily and Syracuse. H e mentions Pythagoras and his doctrine of transmigration. Although he gave the impetus to the founding of the Eleatic School his own contribution is hard to define. ^ But Aristotle^ says no early physicist took earth as the primary substance, as it was too coarse-grained. Xenophanes said the earth is boundless below and will ultimately perish. T h e heavenly bodies are ignited moist exhalations from the earth.

94-6; Goebel, 79, 84; Gomperz, (2), i, 155; E. Meyer, (i), ii, 761, 820; Robin, 79; Ueberweg, (i), i, 75; Zeller, (i), I, 640. * Gilbert, 94 f. , i, 5; 9866. , I, i, 118, 145 (Indian parallels). ’ Rohde, ii, 162, 258. ; Goebel, 93; J. E. ; Windelband, 37; Zeller, (i), I, i^, 679, 701, 726. * C. Bailey, (i), 25-6. 1 9 2 3 , 198 f. Tozer, 1896, 179. Aristotle, De gen. , i, 3, 3186, i EARLY G R EEK PH ILO SO P H Y TH E E L E A T IC SCH O O L indefinite intermediate states. ^ T h e ‘opposites’ are personified as male {dpp€v, dpcrev) and female (drjXv), and they ‘mix (ixiyvveivy.

Ed. , F. Adams, The Genuine Works of Hippocrates, 2 vols. 1849; J. Chadwick an^W. N. Mann, The Medical Works of Hipi^crates, Oxford, 1950; Works, ed. and tr. W. H. S. , 1923 (i, ii), 1927 (iii), 1931 (iv), with valuable essays and notes. , Guinet, Isis, 1926, viii, 87; A. ): in refs, the eds. are denoted by Foes (Fo), Fuchs (Fu), Jones (J), Kuhn (K), Littre (L), Vander Linden (V). On Hippo- ' crates see J. C. G. Ackermann, Institutiones Historiae Medicinae, Niimberg, 1792 (BM 550. a. , in Fabricius, (i) (6), 1791, ii, 506-611; Daremberg, (i), i, 89; Diels, (3), 24; Edelstein, PW, 1934, Suppl.

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