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It's popular that the classical series areas co and Ip (1 <= p <) have, as much as equivalence, only one symmetric foundation. nevertheless, there are examplesof Orlicz series areas that have uncountably many at the same time nonequivalentsymmetric bases. therefore in [4], p. one hundred thirty, the query is requested whetherthere is a Banach house with, as much as equivalence, multiple symmetric basis,but now not uncountably many. during this paper we solution the query certainly, byexhibiting a Banach house with, as much as equivalence, accurately symmetricbases.

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So Lagrangian averaging is generally a hypothetical concept of little practical utility. However, it is possible to devise some practical averaging procedures which are approximately Lagrangian. For instance, taking the average of fields on isentropic surfaces (surfaces of constant potential temperature), rather than on constant pressure or height surfaces, would give Lagrangian 32 Observing and modelling global circulations averages for adiabatic motion, and would give roughly Lagrangian averages for typical values of large scale heating in the troposphere.

5 Hydrostatic balance and its implications 13 so that the horizontal components of the pressure gradient become — sin a = — g tan a. 39) p cs But tana is simply the slope of the isobaric surface \(dZ/dx9 dZ/dy)\, where Z denotes the height of the isobaric surface. It follows that in pressure coordinates, the horizontal components of the pressure gradient force can be written: 1 dp dZ 1 dp dZ pdx dx pdy dy Using pressure as a vertical coordinate, vertical advection terms such as w dQ/dz transform to where co = Dp/Dt is the pressure coordinate vertical velocity.

This is a goal which has not yet been attained, not least because accurate observations of qE have only recently become available. There are also conceptual difficulties. There is every reason to suppose that the structure of the potential vorticity field contains large fluctuations on the smallest scales that one cares to resolve. Modelling studies show that initially smooth distributions of qE rapidly develop extremely fine structure. Implicit in any description of the global circulation of qE is some sort of large scale smoothing; whether a rational basis for such smoothing exists has yet to be demonstrated.

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