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By Alex Jones

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AJ: Now later, you got it from FBI agents in Chicago and Minnesota that there was going to be an attack on lower Manhattan. DS: Yeah, that’s what started me calling. First of all, I tried to see if I could get a congressman to go to bat for them, and at least bring these people out there and listen to them. I sent them information and nobody cared. ” Then I reached out and tried to get to the attorney-general when finally we got an attorney-general in there that I would be willing to talk to. Again, I used people who were personal friends of John Ashcroft 56 to try and get him.

A Call to Action”; New York Daily News, January 4, 2002, “Firefighter Mag Raps 9/11 Probe”). And don’t forget Building 7. Nothing hit Building 7, and still it collapsed in a symmetrical fashion. Building 7 was Part of the World Trade Center complex, standing 44 stories high. On September 11, during my live radio show, I called a friend, Jimmie Wright who has a degree in structural engineering and who worked in the World Trade Center complex in the World Financial Center Building. Mr. ” Later in the day we talked to Jimmie Wright again.

C. C. landmarks seriously. The Army’s online news service reported in its November 3, 2000 edition that the Pentagon conducted a mass casualty exercise simulating a terrorist attack on the Pentagon building by a suicide hijacker flying a large passenger jet. Despite this publicly available record, a Joint Congressional Intelligence Committee conducted a top to bottom whitewash concerning government prior knowledge The committee found that the government had never even considered the possibility of hijacked airliners being flown into buildings.

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